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  • red : all gud and you?
  • axbxixr : :D :D :D Red, all OK?
  • red : ha im a dork 4hr ahead sorry
  • red : hey everybody wel last msg 3hr20min ago so im 4hr 30min ahead malaygold. so its 7.50 am here
  • Malayagold : Its 12.30 midnite over here..everybody go to sleep now.. :D
  • axbxixr : Latest Message: 5 hours, 10 minutes ago - and now, 5 hours later in tel-aviv it's 11:47 ;)
  • duncan : 9:30 here
  • duncan : 9:30 here
  • Dreamchaser : sorry 21.03 pm england
  • Dreamchaser : 21.20 pm england
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What style of martial arts do you study?
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Homepage: www.martialartstalk.net/KruWes

Blog: Nope
Website: www.myspace.com/bigfatsamurai
Occupation: Asst. martial arts instructor/recording musician
Interests: martial arts...movies...games...guitar...music...etc etc...
Address: 1211 sycamore
City: Danville
State: Ky
Zip Code: 40422
Country: u.s.a
Gender: Male
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About Me
About Me: Hi my name is Wes, i've studied martial arts for upward of fifteen years, and am completely in love with it...the Lore, the Philosophical outpoints...everything about martial arts is great...ive studied..Hungar-Tiger, Kempo Karate, Kyushiken spelling might be a bit off on that one lol, and Muay Thai, im also the co-founder of Elephant Fist...similar to Muay thai in its blatent use of Blunt trauma force, but more like Hungar kung fu in its imitation of animal Stances and attack strategies,...umm i guess that covers all the bases lol, if anyone has any questions feel free to ask :)
My Experience
What Style Of Martial Arts Do You Study? : Muay Thai
How Many Years Of Experience Do You Have?: 15 ove -all
Did You Train For A Secondary Martial Art?: Kempo Karate-Hungar kung fu (tiger)- Elephant Fist (my creation)
Do You Take Part In Tournaments?: As many as i can :)
Which Tournaments have You Won?: K.O.F.C (Kentucky open full contact) and four underground Twelve man Tournys, at the Dragons Den in Perryville-Kentucky
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