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  • axbxixr : howdie :D
  • TaijutsuX : ill buy me some cool ufc style gloves
  • Gakusei : kyusho will show you just how pathetic your kung fu really is! Go get, buddy! I believe in ya'...but seriously, only spar with the right safety equipment, if you end up actually meeting up. I personally can understand how hard it is to practice.
  • Reizo : hi
  • jun : hi blonde
  • jun : hi hi
  • jun : hi
  • TaijutsuX : ....i say that with the most friendliness ever BTW...
  • TaijutsuX : well then dont quit this site until we spar, are you back in MN? Ide really like to see a 12-13 yr old who has mastered 4+ martial arts.
  • kyusho : I don't hate americans, I had so much feelings bottled up inside of me, and here was my only outlet, by the way
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Homepage: www.martialartstalk.net/tiggers2

Website: www.senseihovey.com/index.html
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Country: USA
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About Me: I do not have a lot to say yet, I am new here. I do practice Isshin Ryu & enjoy it very much. I hope to enjoy looking around here & learn from what I read.
My Experience
What Style Of Martial Arts Do You Study? : Isshin Ryu
How Many Years Of Experience Do You Have?: almost 5
Did You Train For A Secondary Martial Art?: I am working with another dojo so I guess I am working on a second martial arts now. Here is what the Sensei said that his style is called:

Ishn Budo Tai Jitsu, is the real name. Its a combo of Akido, Ju Jitsu and Karate.
Do You Take Part In Tournaments?: yes.
Which Tournaments have You Won?: never won but placed. TO me what counts is if I enjoyed myself & if I learned something. At my age I will never turn into a Bruce Lee, Jackie Chan or any of those guys/gals. I can never be that good, but I can learn enough to be a good teacher someday. SO I am enjoying my learning process.
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